Our dojo has been serving Surrey and Langley for 23+ years.  We have now been in our new training facility (dojo) for ten plus years.  It is a 3,100 square foot unit.  We have a 2,100+ square foot sprung hardwood floor.  The hardwood is miranti (Asian mahogany) and is imported from Asia.  The finished look of this floor is stunning.  Those who have trained on it are all in agreement that the consistency in the floor's spring and the surface finish make it awesome to train on.  The floor is suspended by over 2,200 rubber bumper pads that are placed every square foot between the training floor and the building's floor.  Most importantly, a properly finished wooden floor can be kept much cleaner and better disinfected than most other training floors, especially matted floors.  Our floor is cleaned by a floor scrubbing machine each evening using a disinfectant cleaner.  Have a look at some of our pictures as the work progressed.  Click on any picture for a larger version and then click on the larger version to return to this page. 







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